Giving your customers a real time view of their Cisco assets has never been easier. If your clients are heavily invested in Cisco products, they need a real time view of their inventory to ensure aging equipment and maintenance gaps never compromise their operations. InventoryClick delivers exactly what they need.

With InventoryClick you can easily assemble a customized inventory portal for each client. The portal gives them insight into their Cisco assets and the related contract and warranty information. With InventoryClick your customers will never find themselves owning mission critical equipment that is outdated or without coverage. It also provides a great way for you to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

How InventoryClick works:

InventoryClick is an easy to use, on-demand application designed to help your customers manage their Cisco assets. When you register a customer for InventoryClick, they will automatically gain a structure for managing their Cisco assets. If a customer owns equipment with pending coverage gaps or any hardware nearing end of life, they’ll be notified 90 days in advance. You can then work together to ensure 100 percent of their assets are covered 100 percent of the time.

With InventoryClick, your customers’ assets are always covered.


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Within 48 hours, a comstor representative will contact you to discuss your customer's requirements and account set up.


Once your customer's account is set up, your customer can easily access information on all hardware purchased through Comstor. Comstor can also arrange system training for your customer and assist them with importing additional data regarding Cisco assets purchased via other sources.

  • Easy to use structure to help your customers ensure 100 percent of their assets are covered 100 percent of the time
  • Easily identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase customer retention

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