I need to know when a customer’s network
device is approaching
end of support.
With Click, I do.
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I’ve got too many clients and too little time. I need
a tool to help me secure more renewal business.
With Click, I’ve got
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I’m tired of juggling spread-sheets and Post-it® notes.
I need a structure that helps me proactively manage my
renewal business. With
Click, I’ve got one.
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“I grew tired of renewal opportunities slipping through the cracks, so I added
a sales expert to my team. I got CustomerClick.”


“My clients are heavily invested in Cisco products. They need a real time view of their inventory. InventoryClick delivers exactly what they need.”


“When it's time to talk strategy with
a client, I need a snapshot of their uncovered Cisco inventory. Opportunity Click provides the intelligence I need.”

Click’s not complicated.
Let us show you how it works!
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Growing your service business
isn’t rocket science! 
Click makes it
easy. Start using Click now to attach &
renew Cisco Services.

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See how Click is changing
the world
(or at least the lives
of some of our resellers…)

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